Cootie Milk anyone?

Have you had your Cootie Milk today?  Go to the Why Join Us page and click on the Cootie Logo.  You’ll notice that when you hover over the logo it will turn upside down and backwards.  (A Cootie thing.)  If you hold down your mouse button, it will turn just backwards.  If you click on the logo it will take you to the Cootie Milk page.  On that page you’ll find a link to the current recruiting brochure.  I had a “lousy” time making the page and used a whole lot of Cootie Ointment from sitting.  But, the Cootie Milk kept me strong and focused.  Enjoy….

Yours in LOTCS,
Supreme Geek

3 thoughts on “Cootie Milk anyone?

  1. Great page, lots and lots of work I know, glad the Cootie Ointment eased the pain and the Cootie Milk kept you strong. Thanks for a great job on our website.
    In LOTCS,
    Bob Clem
    Grand of Georgia

  2. Hello, My having just been shown this information .I enjoy reading up on all articles ! Looking forward to reading more..Thx Kellie from baycity ,mi

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