Scratch N Search

Listen Cooties…have you checked out the Lousy and Annoying “Scratch N Search” box on the Home page of the Supreme website.  All you have to do is start typing what you’re looking for in the box.  When the item appears, just click on it and you’ll be taken to different hunting grounds….Enjoy



Cootie Depot

Listen Cooties,

There is a new Cootie Depot to order all things Cootie related.  Go ahead check it out and find what you’ve always been itching for.  You might even find some Cootie Milk…

Cootie Milk anyone?

Have you had your Cootie Milk today?  Go to the Why Join Us page and click on the Cootie Logo.  You’ll notice that when you hover over the logo it will turn upside down and backwards.  (A Cootie thing.)  If you hold down your mouse button, it will turn just backwards.  If you click on the logo it will take you to the Cootie Milk page.  On that page you’ll find a link to the current recruiting brochure.  I had a “lousy” time making the page and used a whole lot of Cootie Ointment from sitting.  But, the Cootie Milk kept me strong and focused.  Enjoy….

Yours in LOTCS,
Supreme Geek

Listen Cooties

Greetings! Please feel free to express your “constructive” thoughts and opinions here. If comments are derogatory or harmful, you will be denied “Cootie Milk” and “Blue Ointment.” Also you will be denied access to our “Crummy” page. Remember, with “constructive” comments and suggestions we will “Increase & Multiply” immensely.